Provide diversity of circular knitting machine

Technical Service Commitment


According to the time required by your company to provide technical services on site, guide your company to install and debug according to our company's technical data and drawings.

1, according to your company's requirements to the site for technical services, guide your company according to our company's technical data and drawings requirements for installation, commissioning. Actively provide technical conditions and data to meet the requirements of product interface.

2. Conscientiously implement the ISO9001:2015 standards, perfect and perfect the quality assurance system, complete quality records, and provide traceability quality audit at any time.

3. The company's leaders lead a team to visit users 1-2 times a year to understand the new needs of users and listen to their opinions and suggestions on quality improvement.

4. Strengthen pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services. For the problems reflected by users, reply within 8 hours and arrive at the scene within 48 hours. If the problem is not solved, the service personnel will not evacuate.

5. Provide qualified spare parts at any time.

The company provides consumers with a variety of circular knitting machine products including CS series single-sided machine, CX series double-sided machine, single-sided computer large jacquard machine, double-sided computer large jacquard machine series, single-sided computer towel jacquard machine series, single-sided knitting circular machine, etc. The company adheres to the corporate tenet of "integrity, truth-seeking and innovation", adheres to the business philosophy of "quality-oriented, reputation guarantee" customer satisfaction, through advanced technology, high-quality equipment, preferential prices, perfect service, to bring greater benefits to our customers! The company strictly implements the international standards and makes greater efforts to continuously improve the corporate image and its own strength!


Single-sided computer large jacquard machine

The high-speed single-sided computer large jacquard machine is a large circular knitting machine developed by Chengxin Company, which combines many years of mechanical manufacturing technology, knitting and weaving experience and the technology of WAC, an international advanced needle selection mechanism.


Double-sided computer large jacquard machine

This machine uses a computer needle selector to select needles on the needle simplicity. The computer needle selector can select needles in three positions: ring formation, ring collection and floating thread. Any complex organizational structure and process pattern can be converted into a control program through a computer flower-shaped preparation system, and jacquard fabrics with unlimited flower-shaped range can be woven into a USB disk or a disk input control system, thus saving time for changing flower-shaped patterns.


CS series single-sided machine

Unique transmission system, the machine is more stable when running. Large plate and large plate gear with oil immersion design and the use of high-grade imported lubricating oil, running noise is small, the transmission gear is durable.


Single-side circular knitting machine

The frame part is designed by combining ergonomics and knitting principles, with beautiful appearance, firm and reliable, and high-quality cast iron materials and long-term natural aging and artificial aging to prevent deformation of parts.